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By Jesús Avila

Content material: Preface; Animal versions on Alzheimer affliction; Animal versions for Amyloid/PS-1 Pathology; Transgenic mice overexpressing GSK-3beta as animal types of Alzheimer ailment; Reelin and Alzheimer illness; Tauopathy versions; Animal types for Parkinson affliction I; Animal types for Parkinson ailment II; Neuroprotection in Parkinson affliction; Animal types for ALS; Mouse types of Huntington's ailment; Recesive Ataxias; Mouse types in PrP-related ailments; Mouse versions of ischemia

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4 hAPP Mouse Models and Treatment of AD The effectiveness of Ab immunization was first reported using the PDAPP mouse. 43 Subsequent reports investigated the recovery of memory deficits in Abimmunized hAPP mice. A B50% reduction in dense-core Ab plaques in the brain of CRND8 mice was sufficient to significantly improve memory performance in the Morris water maze. 57 Based on the above hAPP mouse studies, clinical trials of Ab immunization were started. The trial was stopped, however, because of oedema associated with inflammation.

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