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By Philippe G. Ciarlet

This monograph provides the elemental theorems of differential geometry in three-d area, together with an intensive insurance of floor conception. via a chain of rigorously chosen and consultant mathematical versions this monograph additionally explains at size how those theorems are utilized in third-dimensional elasticity and in shell conception. The presentation is basically selfcontained, with an outstanding emphasis on pedagogy. particularly, no "a priori" wisdom of differential geometry or of elasticity conception is thought, the one requisites are an affordable wisdom of simple research, practical research, and a few acquaintance with traditional and partial differential equations.

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It can be shown (Brillinger and Rosenblatt, 1967a, 1967b; Van Ness, 1966) that although I(Wl'wZ) is an asymptotically unbiased estimate of f(Wl'WZ)' it is not a consistent estimate of f(wl'wz)' To obtain a consistent estimate, I(Wl'WZ) has to be "smoothed", as in the second order case. 4) = MZ where KM(6 1,6z) such that MZ/N + Ko(M6 1,M6 z ), and M, the window parameter, is chosen 0 as M+~, N + ~. Since f(Wl'WZ) and f(Wl'WZ) are complex valued functions, we can write f(Wl'WZ) = r(Wl'WZ) + i q(Wl'WZ), f(wpwz) = r (Wl'wZ) +; q(wj>wz) Then the mean and the variance of f(Wl'WZ) can be defined by var(f(wl'wZ» , , Z , , Z = E\f(Wl'WZ) - E f(Wl>WZ) \ = E[r(Wl'WZ) - E(r(wl'wz)] , , + E[q(Wl'WZ'> - E(q(wl'wz)] Z The mean square error is defined by = var(f(Wl'WZ» where b(Wl'WZ)' the t:Jias, ;s given by + \b(Wl'WZ) I Z 40 We need the following definition to obtain an expression for the bias.

If the series is non-linear the second order spectra will not adequately characterise the series. g. bilinear models which will be considered later) one can show that the second order properties are similar to those of a linear time series model. As such, second order spectral analysis will not necessarily show up any features of non-linearity (or non-Gaussianity) present in the series. It may be necessary, therefore, to perfonn higher order spectral analysis on the series in order to detect departures from lineari ty and Gaussiani ty.

47 A(s) Parzen Ap(s) Bartlett-Priestley ABP(s) optimal A*(Sl,s2) - The optimal lag window has the smallest ES value and the next smallest is the the product of Daniell windows. 10. The optimal lag window has a much flatter surface when compared to the other windows, and the rate of decay of A(Sl,S2) as Sl windows. + m, S2 + m is much slower than for other This means that the Fourier transform of this window will be 49 v ............... u Fig. 6:. The 2-dimensional Daniell lag-window v ...............

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