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By Herbert W., III Warden

This is the yank experience. This notable quantity captures a powerful nation's spirit and the fortitude of these who helped to make it so. Drawn from awesome firsthand debts and ancient writings, American braveness offers voice to the pilgrims, founding fathers, revolutionaries, pioneers, squaddies, and pilots, between different heroes, in a notable number of harrowing stories, spanning from the Mayflower's touchdown througSeptember eleven, 2001. A Plymoutcolonist is held captive in the course of King Philip's battle. George Washington crosses the Delaware. Davy Crockett reviews from contained in the Alamo. normal Longstreet recounts Pickett's cost at Gettysburg. Sergeant York single-handedly captures 132 German infantrymen. Charles Lindbergflies around the Atlantic. 9 Little Rock scholars desegregate primary HigSchool. Passengers on Flight ninety three overpower hijackers on Sep 11. With greater than 40 exciting actual debts of bravery, selflessness, and bold, the tales in American braveness display the guts and soul of our state.

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After this we proceeded on the Kentucky River without opposition. On the first of April we began to erect the fort of Boonsborough, at a salt-lick, sixty yards from the river, on the south side. On the 4th, they killed one of our men. On the 14th of June, having finished the fort, I returned to my family on the Clench. Soon after I removed my family to this fort: we arrived safe; my wife and daughters being the first white women that stood on the banks of Kentucky River. December 24th, the Indians killed one man and wounded another, seeming determined to persecute us for erecting this fort.

He being at Newcaster, forty miles below Philadelphia, heard there of me, and wrote me a letter mentioning the concern of my friends in Boston at my abrupt departure, assuring me of their good will to me, and that everything would be accommodated to my mind if I would return, to which he exhorted me very earnestly. I wrote an answer to his letter, thank’d him for his advice, but stated my reasons for quitting Boston fully and in such a light as to convince him I was not so wrong as he had apprehended.

These led them to execute every diabolical scheme; and, and the fifteenth day of August, commanded a party of Indians and Canadians, of about five hundred in number, against Briant’s station, five miles from Lexington. Without demanding a surrender, they furiously assaulted the garrison, which was happily prepared to oppose them; and, after they had expended much ammunition in vain, and killed the cattle round the fort, not being likely to make themselves masters of this place, they raised the siege, and departed in the morning of the third day after they came, with the loss of about thirty killed, and the number of wounded uncertain.

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