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By C. M. Shifflett

C.M. Shifflett's "Aikido for instructing and Training," is a thoughfully crafted guide that are supposed to gain any Aikido practicioner. i personally am essentially a Shaolin Kung Fu stylist, even if, i used to be venerated to have studied with Shihan Paul Silvaine of Valley Aikido in Northhampton Massachusetts among 1985 and 1989. The Aikido that he taught me used to be inspiring to assert the least, and its round nature blends completely with either Kung Fu and Tai Chi method. This ebook has helped me to re-light his teachings, and allowed me to renew perform in Aikido. there's an grand abundance of knowledge inside of this ebook, and a number of other readings will probably be essential to glean the entire treasure locked inside its pages. The illustrations are sufficient, yet often times, i presumed few extra pictures might were applicable. I consider the various different posters that the testimonials have been frequently either funny and becoming, yet from time to time i discovered them over the top, and anxiously learn on for extra of the Author's specialist guideline. sustain the great paintings! thumbs up!Sincerely,Erik D.J. O'BrienThe Drums of Doom: half 2 of The Duaredheim employees Saga

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A 1/2 bottom scissors or 1/2 guard to the bottom man is a 1/2 mount to the top man. ● You can be swept from this position if you ignore your bisecting, so stay diligent. ● Also, you can be returned to full guard position easier if you stay close to his legs. With that in mind … ● Get Perpendicular — Throw your hips toward his head gaining as much of a right angle as you can and then … ● Hit your sprawl and hip-in aggressively. Note — The 1/2 bottom scissors or 1/2 guard is the second position of advantage for the bottom player.

Fighting for position when you are on top is a waste of energy — you already have the advantage. No need to sweat more than necessary. 51 MMA Mastery: Ground and Pound Reverse head and arm ride — arms under shoulder ● Another transition ride. Please use only the arms under version in MMA and street work. Arms over allows too many counter opportunities for the bottom man. ● Think of it as a sit-out toward hips cross-body ride with the only significant difference being that your far arm is positioned under his far arm.

In this approach,“the below” relationship is toward his feet. The reason why this isn’t ideal will be clear when we discuss height bisecting. Violating the height rule is the most common error in the top ground game. We do this by sighting along the top of our opponent’s body (his chest if supine, his upper back or hips if prone) and then envision an imaginary point midway between the top of his body and the floor. Trust that the gains in pressure and control are enormous. To ride well in this height dimension, you will place 33 MMA Mastery: Ground and Pound your sternal arrow wherever appropriate in either the length or width dimension and then sprawl to drop your hips below the midline in the height dimension.

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