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By Mitsugi Saotome

Here's a special approach to the lessons of the founding father of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, as interpreted via his direct pupil of fifteen years. Mitsugi Saotome examines the religious philosophy of the Founder, the warrior beliefs of feudal Japan because the foundation of his martial arts philosophy, and the clinical rules underlying the philosophy of Aikido technique.

The writer exhibits that the actual circulation of Aikido is the embodiment of ideas of the spirit. unfavourable strength isn't really countered with aggression yet is managed and redirected in the course of the strength and stability of spiral flow. this can be the form of Aikido and the dynamic form on the starting place of all energies of life. Aikido flow can purely be understood from its roots in common legislation and the strategies of nature. The honest perform and research of Aikido deepens our appreciation for the perfection of nature's stability and brings us again into concord with the environment, other folks, and ourselves.

Abundantly illustrated with the author's drawings, diagrams, and calligraphies, in addition to pictures demonstrating Aikido recommendations, the booklet additionally deals a background of Aikido, own anecdotes in regards to the Founder, and translations of numerous of his lectures.

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For added safety always practice in no less than threes so that a third party will be able to observe in case one of the fighters gets into trouble and for whatever reason is unable to tap submission.

Don’t give in and panic with the thoughts because that will cause them to multiply tenfold and then twenty fold, before you know it your mind has been overrun by negative emotion that can quickly turn to depression. So, just ignore them. In combat keep check on the negative thoughts by focusing on the situation at hand, if negative thoughts try to enter your head do not even acknowledge them. 2) Thought counter attack If you can’t come to terms with this try thought counter attack (this is the method that I practice).

From my experience and as irony would have it, it is usually the better student who thinks he isn’t improving. Every day and every session that you train will bring you, visible or invisible, large or small, some advancement. The child that you see everyday will show no visible change or growth, to the person who only sees the same child every few months, the change is so obvious that they sometimes can’t believe it’s the same child. And so it is with improvement in training, sometimes it is so gradual that on a day to day basis it is almost unnoticeable, but it will be there.

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