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By Francesco C. Billari, Alexia Prskawetz

Agent-Based Computational Demography (ABCD) goals at beginning a brand new movement of analysis between social scientists whose pursuits lie in figuring out demographic behaviour. The publication takes a micro-demographic (agent-based) viewpoint and illustrates the possibilities of laptop simulation as an relief in idea construction. The chapters of the booklet, written via top specialists both in demography or in agent-based modelling, tackle a number of key questions. Why can we want agent-based computational demography? How can ABCD be utilized to the research of migrations, relations demography, and old demography? What are the peculiarities of agent-based versions as utilized to the demography of human populations? ABCD is of curiosity to all scientists attracted to learning demographic behaviour, in addition to to machine scientists and modellers who're searching for a promising box of application.

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