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In my view, there are a number of factors that are key to making a successful kaeshi dou: Make sure that you approach the technique with an attacking mind! All of these elements are important, but in my view, attacking mind is the most significant; pull you opponent in and make him attack in your space and timing. Successful kaeshi dou takes a lot of work, but it is great when it comes off! 15. Kendo Attitude I have had a few days rest from work and kendo due to a tummy bug, so am feeling a little more reflective than usual.

This is not surprising as, whilst men and kote are obvious targets that only require you to raise and lower the shinai in a straight line, dou is harder to see and hit. There is some confusion over what part of the dou constitutes the target. The right side is the correct striking area and the front “hara dou” is not counted as a valid strike. The main reason for dou to fail, however, is because of poor posture or because hasuji is incorrect when contact is made. Having recently been shown dou by both Chiba sensei and Sumi sensei, I was relieved to see that even though their kendo styles and approach to teaching are very different, the key point on dou-uchi made by them both is absolutely consistent.

I have enjoyed keiko on four continents (I still hope to get to Australia), and have hardly ever seen anyone doing tsuki drills. I have witnessed numerous university practices and the occasional police tokuren session in Japan where tsuki has been ignored. This begs the question – how do those athletes who excel in tsuki get to be so good at it? There are lots of implicit embargos on tsuki. It should not be done by beginners or children, or used by more experienced players against the same. It is also thought to be impolite to do tsuki against a senior teacher.

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