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By Cox, Kilian, Leighton, Shamoon

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Paper Knowledge: Toward a Media History of Documents (Sign, Storage, Transmission)

Paper wisdom is a striking ebook concerning the mundane: the library card, the promissory be aware, the motion picture price ticket, the PDF (Portable rfile Format). it's a media heritage of the rfile. Drawing examples from the 1870s, the Nineteen Thirties, the Sixties, and this present day, Lisa Gitelman thinks around the media that the record shape has come to inhabit during the last one hundred fifty years, together with letterpress printing, typing and carbon paper, mimeograph, microfilm, offset printing, photocopying, and scanning.

The A to Z of Australian Radio and Television

Australians became more and more seen outdoors of the rustic as audio system and actors in radio and tv, their media moguls have usually acquired up international businesses, and folks around the globe were in a position to take pleasure in such Australian productions because the Flying medical professionals, Neighbours, and Kath and Kim.

Non-photorealistic computer graphics : modeling, rendering, and animation

While advancements in photorealistic special effects proceed to impact our paintings and rest actions, practitioners and researchers are devoting progressively more recognition to non-photorealistic (NPR) suggestions for producing photographs that seem to were created through hand. those efforts profit each box within which illustrations-thanks to their skill to make clear, emphasize, and bring very specific meanings-offer merits over photos.

Text und Konzeption im Content Marketing : Alle wichtigen Grundlagen für Print, Web, Corporate Blogs und Social Media

In diesem crucial erfahren Sie alle wichtigen Grundlagen der textual content- und Konzeptentwicklung für eine Content-Marketing-Strategie. Der Autor beschreibt die erfolgsentscheidenden Stellschrauben, die Sie beachten müssen und in die Sie ausreichend Zeit investieren sollten: von der vorab zu leistenden Denkarbeit, über die strukturierte Konzeptentwicklung, bis hin zur optimalen Textarbeit für Webtexte.

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1995), p. 175. Chapter 1 === 2:;0 Essentials of Geography 21 GPS: A Personal Locator The Global Positioning System (GPS) comprises 24 orbiting satellites, in six orbital planes, that transmit navigational signals for Earth-bound use (backup GPS satellites are in orbital storage as replacements). Originally devised in the 1970s by the Department of Defense for military purposes, the present system is commercially available worldwide. A smal l receiver, some about the size of a pocket radio, receives signals from four or more satellites at the same time, calculates latitude and longitude within 10-m accuracy (33 ft) and elevation within 15m (49ft), and disp lays the results.

He succeeded, against all odds, in using tl1e fourth-temporal-dimension to link points on the three-dimensional globe. t From that time it was possible to determine longitude accurately on land and sea, as long as everyone agreed upon a meridian to use as a reference for time comparisons-the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. In tlus modern era of atomic clocks and satellites in mathematically precise orbits, we have far greater accuracy available for the determination oflongitude on Eartl1's surface and a basis for precise navigation.

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