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By Gerardo Marti

This e-book does a masterful activity of piecing aside Mosaic, the way it is dependent and the way it operates. It presents proof and specific insights backstage and offers the reader what he must comprehend variety in a neighborhood church that's impacting the area.

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Gerardo: What other churches are like Mosaic? Derek: What other churches are like Mosaic? Is this a trick question? In June 2001, I was busy around my office in Los Angeles answering phone calls, returning email, and looking through letters, when I came to an abrupt realization. Dozens of church leaders had called in the past several weeks asking how their churches could become more diverse. I knew that I and other staff members received ten or more requests for information each week from church planters, seminary students, sociologists, journalists, pastors of churches of all sizes, church consultants, and professional religious researchers.

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Although Mosaic is guided by an orthodox evangelical theology, the practical theology followed by any church is selective, emphasizing certain beliefs that frame the activities of the congregation. Chapter 4 describes the emphasis on artistry in the ongoing activity of the church, especially in its construction of weekend celebration services. Chapter 5 describes the distinctive role of catalysts within Mosaic. Catalysts are defined as change-initiating and change-friendly people given privileged positions of influence so that they can carry the adaptive, creative mission of the church forward.

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