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Unattacked by acids ; decomposition rarely noticeable. Transparent in thin sections, blue to colourless ; often A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 50 The coloured somewhat clouded by inclusions. show faint pleochroism, blue to colourless. varieties Crystallizes in prismatic forms with the pinacoids strongly developed, giving hexagonal basal sections and elongated vertical ones without definite terminations. Cleavage is perfect parallel to the macropinacoid, and there is a parting parallel to the base. Frequently twinned on the macroCross twins, like those of staurolite, intersecting pinacoid.

50 diam. H= = 2 O. 5. Regular. not noticeably attacked by HC1, except when powdered does not gelatinize. Gives potassium flame colouration before the blow-pipe. Readily alters into analcime and other decomposition products. Leucite, Is ; . ; A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 46 When fresh it is clear and colourless and crystallizes in trapezohedra, giving eight-sided, or, when imperfectly developed, rounded sections. The zoning by inclusions, which are disposed parallel to, or at right angles to, the faces, is very characteristic and often affords a ready means of identifying the mineral.

Long, ; 1 ; FIG. 26. W. Rhodesia. + nicols. X 60 diam. Straight extinction. in schist, Frequently occurs in contact meta- morphic rocks, largely as inclusions in the other minerals, but sometimes in fibrous patches, or lenticular aggregates. Staurolite. 5. Not with water. Orthorhombic. H j\. affected by acids, and resists weathering. = In thin sections it is colourless to yellowish, reddish, or brownish. Forms short prisms (angle 130) bounded by a , prism (no) and basal plane (ooi). These are occasionally A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 52 by other faces, so that it shows rectangular, and hexagonal sections.

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