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Homer's Iliad

In his advent Harold Bloom states that, including the Bible, the Iliad "represents the basis of Western literature, proposal, and spirituality. " The piece is the point of interest of this identify in our Bloom's Notes sequence. besides a suite of a few of the easiest feedback to be had at the paintings, this article contains a structural and thematic research, an index of issues and ideas, and extra.

Morals and Villas in Seneca's Letters: Places to Dwell

John Henderson specializes in 3 key Letters traveling 3 Roman villas, and divulges their that means as designs for contrasting lives. Seneca brings the philosophical epistle to Latin literature, developing types for moralizing which characteristic self-criticism, parody, and lively revision of fable. The Stoic moralist wrests writing clear of Greek authorities and texts, and recasts it into serious pondering in Latin phrases, inside a Roman context.

Ancient Greek Women in Film

This quantity examines cinematic representations of historical Greek ladies from the nation-states of delusion and historical past. It discusses how those girl figures are resurrected at the vast monitor by means of assorted filmmakers in the course of diverse historic moments, and are as a result embedded inside of a story which serves quite a few reasons, counting on the director of the movie, its screenwriters, the studio, the rustic of its starting place, and the sociopolitical context on the time of its creation.

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S I. SOC . - En efecto. se libr a n de u n gra n ma l; por cons t- e guien te, es ventajoso so po r ta r e! dolo r y recobrar la sa lu d. POL - ¿Cómo no ? So c. - ¿Acaso será más feliz en lo refe ren te a l cue r po el que está en cu ración, o m ás bien el q ue no ha estado enfermo e n a bs olu to? P OL _ Es ev ide nte que el que no ha es tado enfe r mo. Scc. - Lu ego es fal so. s egún parece , que la fe licida d sea c urarse de u n mal. s ino qu e es el no ha berlo adq u irido e n ab solu to .

POL. - E s evide nte . Soc. - ¿ Qué a r te li bra de la pobreza? ¿ No es el a rt e de los negocios? POL. - Sí. Só c. - ¿ y de la enfe r medad ? ¿ No es la m ed ici na ? POL. - Sin dud a. 478/ol Soc. - ¿ y de la maldad y d e la inj ustici a ? Si no ti ene s la misma facilidad pa ra con te st a r, exa mín aJo de es te modo: ¿a dón de y a nte quié nes lleva mos a los enfer mo s ? POL - An te los méd icos. Sóc ra tes. Soc. - ¿A dónde a los injus tos }' a los desenfrenado s ? POL. - ¿Quie re s deci r qu e ante lo s jueces ?

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