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Small, [a new] engraving [on display]. (II 23-8) 19 5 Frank Nisetich 13 This is a tr[icky] stone: smear it with oil, and all around it swims in [radiancje, a marvel of [deceijt; but when it's dry, all of a sudden the Persian [. . . ] lightens, reaching for the beautiful sun. (II 29-32) 14 Pegasus etched upon misty jasper—the artist's hand and mind, working together, have caught it superbly: Bellerophon has fallen to Cilicia's Aleian Plain, his colt has pranced off into the deep blue sky—and so he carved him, on this ethereal stone, free of the reins, shuddering, still, at the bit.

1X35-40) 5 61 Slow down as you pass this tomb, and greet Aristippus, an old man who aged well, and now lies here. Look, too, at his tearless stone—a stone that he feels as a light weight upon him under the earth. For he had what an old man cherishes most: children who buried him and children of his daughters, whom he'd lived to see. (X 1-6) 30 5 The Poems of Posidippus V. THE M A K I N G OF STATUES 62 (X 7 ) Imitate these works, O creators of living shapes, and, yes, hurry past old-fashioned rules of statuary!

The hands and hearts of eighty were there, then, to support her when she reached the end— whom now, at the age of a hundred, the Paphians have laid, 5 Onasas' blessed nursling, in this dust [left by the fire]. (VII 3 6-VIII 2) 48 For Bithynis the wise, this is enough, O Themis: a slave's grave; nearby, masters who were good. And I am blest, who did [not] toil to be free, to have a tomb better than liberty. (VIII 3-6) 27 Frank Nisetich 49 [With sharp cries] to the wail of the flute, [her mother] Philaenion here put to rest sad Hegedice, ei[ghteen] years [old], drenched in tears.

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