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By Yip Chun, Leung Ting

This an exceptional ebook for somebody who desires to research the wood dummy ideas. The e-book has many photographs of Grandmaster Ip guy and Ip Chun. This ebook exhibits step-by-step of wood dummy options and their functions.

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Got it? Good, ‘cause now we’re going to get complicated. 2: the strategic matrix: what martial arts tries to be A New York Times article dated June 7, 2005 describes a video of an officer in a traffic stop taking fire from the driver and his partner running away. The officer who ran away chose the perfect option for self-defense. It was not the best option for his partner. It was not what he was trained and expected to do. He was trained and expected to engage the threat. Officers on patrol avoid hand-to-hand encounters.

There is no prey and therefore nothing for the predator mindset to focus on. A predator without prey is a fat, lazy cat that likes to play and eat and sleep. The predator mindset is a choice. No one is in that mind at all times—it has too many blind spots to function in normal society. Selfdefense is never a choice. The attacker is in the predator mindset, not the victim. The victim will have to deal with shock and total surprise, the predator won’t. The essence of self-defense is breaking out of the frozen 11 meditations on violence mindset you have been shocked into.

Reaching under his jacket where you suspected he had a gun? ) Means: Whatever you feel he was going to do, whatever the situation you had to resolve, you have to be able to articulate that he was able to do it.

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